2009 NOVO Award

The Education Fund's Ocean Bank Center Receives 2009 NOVO Award From Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

Linda Lecht接受了2009年大迈阿密商会颁发给海洋银行教育材料中心的NOVO奖, President, The Education Fund (second from right) and Terry Curry, Ocean Bank COO (far right).

MIAMI, April 2, 2009年——立博中文版海洋银行教育材料中心获得大迈阿密商会(GMCC)颁发的2009年NOVO奖。, which honors excellence in non-profit business innovation.

立博中文版与私营部门携手合作,将资源引导到迈阿密-戴德县公立立博中文版我们的时事通讯最需要的地方. 立博中文版的使命是设计和推行各项措施,以改善立博中文版我们的时事通讯的教育质素,为公众教育缔造卓越. 三十年来,我们已经筹集了5100万美元用于提高迈阿密戴德公立立博中文版我们的时事通讯的学业成绩.

The Education Fund’s president, Linda Lecht and Ocean Bank's COO, 特里·库里在GMCC每月董事会会议上接受了GMCC主席卡洛斯·古兹曼颁发的奖项.

The Ocean Bank Center’s primary objective is to meet teachers' intense demand for educational tools, supplies, and resources that create the supportive environment students need to learn.

Since 1993, the Ocean Bank Center has donated $8.1 million worth of supplies during 26,000 teacher visits, reaching more than 1,000,000 students. The center is housed in a centrally located, 11,5000平方英尺的仓库,教师们在这里“免费购买”650多家当地企业捐赠的教学材料.

While resources are made available to the entire district’s 20,000+ teachers in 400 public schools, its inventory of classroom supplies is especially critical to teachers in low-income neighborhoods, where students sometimes don’t even have pencils or paper. Items available at the warehouse range from the traditional staples of pencils, crayons, paper, books, and rulers to more diverse items including fabric, cardboard, and paint.

Before the Ocean Bank Center, there was no mechanism in place for businesses to donate to schools. Now, with one call, a company can ensure that its goods are efficiently and effectively picked up and distributed. In fact, 该中心是佛罗里达州第一个专门为公立立博中文版我们的时事通讯分发物资而建立的机构. 它作为一个再利用/回收中心的成功继续成为全国类似项目的典范.

The Center spawned another first-of-its-kind program upon receipt of 100 used computers. Through FamilyTech, the Ocean Bank Center solicited and refurbished computers for impoverished families. More than 10,000 needy families and 500 needy classrooms received computers, along with training for students, their parents, and teachers. FamilyTech led the way in helping our school district fully incorporate technology in the classroom.